Amenities Every Property Management Company Should Offer

Amenities Every Property Management Company Should Offer

Everyone knows that the best feature an apartment complex can have is to be in the right location. If an apartment complex is in a highly sought-after location, it’ll basically rent out itself. But did you know that the next highest selling point for an apartment complex is the amenities? People are often willing to pay a higher rent if the property is in the right location and has enticing amenities. The amenities can make an apartment complex seem more like a community than just a living space.

But what are the right amenities that people are looking for today? First off, Property Management Companies need to do some research about the area and the types of people most likely to rent an apartment. Different areas attract different types of people. You don’t want to have a movie and game room if people are more interested in a larger gym. With that in mind, here are a few amenities that are consistently in demand across the United States:

Parking: Parking is often the number one amenity renters are interested in at an apartment complex. People want a nice, safe place to park their car. Some apartment complexes provide a well lit parking lot, garages, shade structures, assigned spots, guest parking spots, or security cameras to ensure a safer environment. Research what renters might be interested in around your area and make your parking options competitive with apartment complexes around you.

Fitness Center: If an apartment complex provides a decent-sized fitness center, renters won’t have to spend more money on a gym membership – that’s a big enticement right there. Many apartment complexes have started offering larger fitness centers to help tenants have access to the right fitness equipment without having to leave the community.

Swimming Pool: A swimming pool is great for social gatherings and creating a community environment. A swimming pool can offer that fun and relaxing atmosphere that many tenants really want. Depending on where you are, a good swimming pool can often be a deal breaker for renters. In hot climates, renters need a place to cool down and enjoy a relaxing evening by the pool.

Recycling Services: Today, many people are consciously trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the world. Therefore, recycling has continuously grown in importance for tenants throughout the years. Offering a recycling service will let potential tenants know that you’re conscious about the environment, not just about making a profit.

Rental Incentives: One of the best ways to ensure tenants’ loyalty is to reward them with rental incentives like a discount on rent or a way to build their credit score when they pay rent each month. Offering renters financial incentives can help sweeten the deal along with all of the other amenities Property Management Companies can offer.

The purpose of offering great amenities to your tenants is to entice people to come live at your apartment complex and to have a higher retention. Property Management Companies are striving to create a community that tenants will enjoy and be satisfied with. Good amenities will set you apart from the numerous apartment complexes around you and will help you create a wonderful community.

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