Learn How RentPlus Credit Building for Renters Makes Building Credit Easy

Why Credit Matters

Buying a home, car, cell phone accounts, going to college, insurance rates, security deposits, loans, renting an apartment, even getting a job… These are just a handful of real-life scenarios that utilize and affect our credit scores. Building good credit will set you up for success now and in the future. RentPlus credit-building program for renters is designed to do just that.

RentPlus Helps You Build Credit Hassle-Free​

Our credit-building programs for renters enable you to build your credit by simply paying your monthly rent on time. This means no additional line of credit, no loans, no cards, and no high-interest rates. Join the growing number of renters putting their hard-earned money to work.

How Does it Work?

Pay monthly rent

Simply pay your monthly rent on time.

Information processed

RentPlus will work with your property owner or landlord to report your rental payment to select credit bureaus.

Credit bureau

Select credit bureaus will record your monthly rental payments on your credit report.

Build your credit

Paying your monthly rent on time will begin to build your credit profile.

It's that simple!

Sit back, relax, and start putting your hard-earned money to work!