The Fight For Financial Independence

The Fight For Financial Independence

Yesterday, we celebrated our nation’s victorious battle for independence. Almost 250 years ago, our Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming to the world that we are a free nation. But this freedom didn’t come easily. It was a long-drawn-out battle for independence. At times, the future looked bleak. But, with determination and perseverance, the United States broke free from Great Britain’s grasp and became an independent nation.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence each year, it’s important to think about our own personal situations. Where are you in your quest for financial independence? How close are you to celebrating your personal financial independence day?

Make A Plan

When our founding fathers were battling for the nation’s separation from Great Britain, they created the Declaration of Independence. This document helped clarify what exactly they were fighting for and inspired them to keep going when the battle was nearly lost.

If you would like to achieve financial freedom in your life, you must also create a “Declaration of Financial Independence.” What does it mean to be financially independent? For some people, it means no longer having to work. For others, it means not worrying about paying bills each month. And for some, it means traveling the world and enjoying different luxuries in life.

Your “Declaration of Financial Independence” should include financial goals that you’d like to attain and how you plan to achieve them. This document will inspire you to pay your debts, maintain a budget, and save money. It will help you stay the course towards your financial independence, especially during those rough times.

Keep Your Eye On The Victory

When our founding fathers wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, the war was still going strong. They sent the document to George Washington to read to the troops and inspire the young American soldiers to keep fighting the fleet of British soldiers. The declaration helped the American troops to keep their eye on the victory and eventually achieve it.

As you engage in your battle for financial freedom, you must also keep your eye on the victory. Most people hope to achieve financial independence before retirement. One of the best ways to achieve financial independence during retirement is to start saving early. The sooner the better. Start putting money each month towards your 401k and/or Roth IRA. You may have to budget and watch your spending habits now, but you’ll be grateful you put in the work later in life when you achieve your financial freedom.

Rally The Troops

The battle for our nation’s independence was not won by one man alone. It took an army of young, scrappy soldiers to fight for and win the battle for freedom. Similarly, your financial independence depends on others as well.

One of the best things you could do for your financial independence is to find a reliable financial advisor. A financial advisor can help you understand how to make the most of your money and the fastest way to create financial independence.

If you’re married and have children, your financial independence will be determined by their decisions as well. Work together with your family to make sure you’re all on the same page. Teach your children to be financially responsible when they’re young, so they can support themselves in the future and achieve their own financial independence.

It took the American people years to achieve independence from Great Britain. It was hard and the road was rough, but they persevered and achieved their goal. Obtaining financial freedom won’t be easy either. You won’t achieve it in one night. But if you’re diligent and keep your eye on the victory, you can achieve financial independence. And when you finally achieve your financial independence, you can celebrate that day with as much pride and zest as we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day each year. Because you earned it!

RentPlus is dedicated to helping people achieve financial independence. Our program, FinStrong, will guide you through time-proven personal financial principles that will help you make financial decisions tailored to your values. Through FinStrong, you can create a plan to help you achieve financial freedom and you’ll gain a valuable tool to help you keep your eye on the victory.


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