The Benefits of Apartment Living for Families

The Benefits of Apartment Living for Families

Do you have young children with an overabundance of energy? Or teenagers who constantly insist on socializing with their friends? A lot of families are discovering that living in a house on the suburbs isn’t ideal for their circumstances in today’s society.

The statistics show that more and more people are choosing to rent each year. With housing costs on the rise and diverse family dynamics, many families have found that apartments in the city fit their needs better than homes in the suburbs. Here are a few reasons why families are moving to apartments:

1. No house/lawn maintenance

Just think of all the time and money people spend on maintaining and updating a house each year. The lawn constantly needs mowed. The appliances needs replaced. The broken door needs fixed. The list can go on and on.

When you buy a house, you’re in charge of all of the repairs and maintenance. In an apartment, if something breaks, you call your landlord and let him take care of it. It’s as easy as that. Imagine what you could do with all of this extra free time when you’re not constantly working on household repairs.

2. More resources for families

Many people are drawn to apartment complexes because of the amenities. Apartment complexes usually offer access to swimming pools, fitness centers, and parking spots for tenants. Apartments are often located in the city where there are numerous resources for families to enjoy. So you’ll have a lot more excuses to get out and enjoy quality time together as a family.

3. More family time

You’ll love how much quality time you can spend with your family when you move into an apartment. If the apartment is smaller, the tight quarters will help your children learn how to get along better. You may also need to declutter your stuff if you live in a smaller apartment. That leaves less room for distractions and more time for quality family time. With a smaller living space and more exciting activities available nearby, you’ll find your family spending more and more time going on adventures and creating memories together.

5. Great community of friends

In the suburbs, there’s often a yard, fence and insulated walls that separate you from your neighbors. In an apartment, however, there is simply a wall between you and your next door neighbor (this may be good or bad depending on how much you like your neighbors). If you need to borrow a cup of sugar, you don’t even need to put your shoes on if you don’t want to. Just walk down the hall and knock on your neighbor’s door. You’ll have better access to babysitters for your children. And your children will have plenty of friends to play with within the apartment building walls.

The American dream of raising your 2.5 children in the suburbs with a white picket fence is slowly evolving. Now, it’s more desirable to raise your children within the city where they’ll have numerous opportunities to learn, grow, enjoy a plethora of resources, and have numerous friends nearby.


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