Count Your Money Like You Count Your Calories

Count Your Money Like You Count Your Calories

Have you ever tried to lose weight? It’s so hard! And it doesn’t help that there are a million different diet plans out there. How do you know what is the right option for you?

We’re not here to tell you how to lose weight. Yet, while many diet fads come and go, one diet trick that continues to show positive results is to eat less calories than you burn each day.

What makes this diet so successful? Well, it’s simple. If you eat less calories than you burn each day, you’ll end up with negative calories. This, in turn, will convert into negative pounds, helping you lose weight.

Achieving your weight-loss goal is very similar to achieving financial freedom. There have been so many books written about how to earn more money or how to make the most out of your finances. But, just like dieting, it comes down to simple math. If you spend less than you earn, you’ll have money to put towards achieving financial freedom each month.

Yet, if it’s so simple, why haven’t more people achieved financial freedom? Just ask 40 percent of the adult population in the United States who are considered obese.

It’s easier said than done.

Just like counting calories, budgeting needs to be a daily activity. One day of excess, unnecessary spending could ruin your entire budget for the month. But if this happens, just pick yourself up and start again tomorrow.

Another helpful way to increase your calorie budget, is to incorporate exercise every day.

Exercise is good for the soul… and the bank account.

According to a 2016 study by Lincoln Financial Group, 78 percent of Americans who exercise at least once a week believe that they’re on the right track to financial success.

“If you have a healthy lifestyle and you feel good, you are more optimistic,” said Eric Reisenwitz from Lincoln Financial Group. “That can translate to motivation to do the right things when it comes to your money.”

Exercise is beneficial for your health in so many ways. It can help you have more energy throughout the day, feel a sense of accomplishment, and live a long, healthy life.

What is the point of saving and working hard each day for retirement if you’re not going to have the energy to enjoy it?

Eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make your financial decisions tailored to your values, check out FinStrong today. And if you’d like a tool that can make managing your finances easy, fun, and effective, check out RentPlusMoney today.


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