Reasons to Love RentPlus (1-10)

Reasons to Love RentPlus (1-10)

Here are 10 reasons to love RentPlus:

1- Build credit by renting

You can build credit by simply paying your rent on time. 

2- Personalized credit coaching program

RentPlus users have access to the Finstrong education program. Financial coaching can be really helpful. 

3- Rent reminders

You can sign up to receive text reminders when your rent is due. This will help ensure you never have a late payment.

4- Up to 24 months of previous payments reported

Get up to 24 months of previous on time rent payments reported. This will definitely help you build your credit, and reward you for all those previous payments. 

5- Automatically track and categorize spending

Automatically track and categorize spending with RentPlus Money. Another valuable tool available to RentPlus users. 

6- Easy enrollment

Enrollment is easy! Contact your leasing agent or property manager to get setup with RentPlus. 

7- Financial goal tracking 

Achieve your financial goals with RentPlus Money. The “goals” tool is a great way of making a plan to reach your goals. 

8- Setup a budget

Setup a money budget with RentPlus Money and know exactly where your money is going.

9- Transactions tool

The transactions tool makes it easy to categorize spending and income with RentPlus Money. At a glance you can see exactly where your money is going. 

10- Build credit without a mortgage

Build credit without having the obligation and debt of a house payment.

These are just 10 reasons to love RentPlus. Watch for more reasons in our instagram posts.


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