10 Ways to Save Money Around the Holidays

10 Ways to Save Money Around the Holidays

1- Drive around and look at Christmas lights

This is a fun activity. Bring some hot chocolate along and enjoy the local Christmas lights on main street and in neighborhoods.  

2- Send Christmas e-cards

Printing Christmas cards can get expensive. Sending friends and family an electronic copy is free. There are even websites where you can create an animated card with music. 

3- Draw names

Drawing names means you only have to buy one gift. This is a great option for families, co-workers and friend groups.

4- Find a location with free visits with Santa

Stores like Kohls have a few days in December where Santa is visiting and the cost is free. Malls end up getting pricey and they often don’t let you take your own pictures because they want you to buy a package from them. 

5- Make paper chains

Kids love making paper chains to count down the days until Christmas. It’s an affordable activity that lasts all December.

6- Movies and popcorn at home

Watch your favorite Christmas classics at home with popcorn. No need to go to the theatre and spend a lot. Enjoy a night at home.

7- Hot chocolate bar

Hot chocolate is a yummy treat for all ages. Adding sprinkles, chocolate chips, a candy cane, and whipped cream makes it even better. 

8- Handmade gifts

When possible, make handmade gifts. Not only will it most likely be cheaper than store bought gifts, it will also mean more to the recipient.

9- Order online

Ordering online means you can easily search for the best prices, also not going into the store could help prevent impulsive buying. Take advantage of free shipping.

10- Make your own decorations

Making paper snowflakes serves as a fun activity and also a way to save money on decorations you may have otherwise purchased. 

Remember the reason for the season

It’s easy to get caught up in all the gift giving. Your presence is more important than the presents. Time spent with your family and friends matters more than the gifts.  


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