Summer Bucket List on a Budget

Summer Bucket List on a Budget

Summer can get expensive with amusement parks and other costly excursions. Here are a few inexpensive activities to help cross off that summer bucket list on a budget.

SPLASH PAD- Splash pads are becoming more and more popular. They are great because they are usually found at a park where there is shade and grass. They are also usually free! Look for splash pads in your area.

MATINEE- Take advantage of school-free afternoons and free air-conditioning by treating your children or yourself to a less expensive movie matinee.

PICNIC- Plan a picnic with sandwiches and head to a park, canyon, or other shaded area near you. Don’t forget a blanket.

LEMONADE STAND- Let the kids make lemonade and set up signs and a table. This will keep them busy for a few hours. They will also love earning some money.

WATER BALLOONS- Fill a bunch of water balloons and let the kids play games like water volleyball, hot potato, or duck, duck goose. You can even use regular balloons for a lot more water.

S’MORES- Roasting marshmallows is an activity that doesn’t cost much and is entertaining. Kids and adults both like roasting marshmallows.

LOW-COST CAMPS- Look for affordable camp options in your community. Your local YMCA, parks and recreation center or community nonprofit may offer affordable summer camp options for school-age kids.

NATURE WALK- Go for a nature walk. Bring a bag to collect shells, pinecones, or rocks. Or take pictures of what you find.

CAMPING TRIP: Plan a camping trip. Organize the meals and packing list ahead of time.

STAR-GAZING- Take time to look at the stars. There are some great phone/tablet apps that will show you what planet or constellation you are looking at.

FARMERS MARKET- Visit your local farmers market. This can be a fun place to walk around and you may even find some good deals on home grown fruits and vegetables.

ZOO or AQUARIUM- Look for discount times at the zoo or aquarium. There may be a day of the week that they offer a more affordable family rate.

Hopefully your summer is off to a great start! Remember, you can use RentPlus Money to help plan a budget for the things on your summer bucket list.


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