RentPlus Credit Monitoring

RentPlus Credit Monitoring

Did you know that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America? Every 3.5 seconds another identity is stolen. Victims of identity theft spend an average of 59 hours recovering from the incident. The average theft per victim is $4,607. Reading these statistics can cause anxiety and fear. 

How can RentPlus help?

By enrolling in RentPlus Credit Monitoring (which is free to all RentPlus subscribers), you will have access to tools that help avoid identity theft and resources to recover quickly in an event that your identity is stolen or misused. 

RentPlus Credit Monitoring offers:

  • $1 million dollar identity recovery guarantee

  • Credit monitoring and fraud prevention

  • Real-time alerts via email and text message

  • Identity restoration and recovery services

With RentPlus Credit Monitoring, you don’t have to live with anxiety and fear. Sign up and feel confident that your identity is protected. What do you have to lose? Click here to sign up.

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