What is your FinStrong Score?

What is your FinStrong Score?

RentPlus is committed to helping our customers become financially strong, financially smart, and financially prepared. All RentPlus subscribers get the benefit of using Finstrong for free. Once you have set up your account, you can begin learning more about your current financial wellness. Being aware of your FinStrong score will be beneficial in your financial journey. FinStrong will guide you through a self-assessment of how well you are:

  1. Organizing and automating your finances with your values in mind.  Do you use tools to help organize your finances and track your spending?  Does your spending align with your values?


  1. Stockpiling finances by becoming a rockstar saver.  Do you have an emergency savings fund?  Do you have specific savings goals that align with your values?


  1. Taking charge of your debt by understanding it and paying it off.  Are there good types of debt and bad types of debt?  How does interest work?  Do I have a plan in place for paying my debts off?  What debts should I pay off first?


  1. Sharing what you know and have learned with those around you.  Do you take time to help others?  Have you shared your financial progress with someone you trust?


  1. Seeking wisdom by knowing how personal finances work.  Know your credit score and what goes into it.  Do you know your credit score?  What is good credit?  What is bad credit?  Are there different types of credit scores?  What goes into calculating my credit score?  Do you have sufficient insurance to protect yourself financially?

If you haven’t already, click here to sign up for FinStrong. Take the self-assessment and learn what your FinStrong score is.


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