Perks of being a RentPlus Subscriber

Perks of being a RentPlus Subscriber

RentPlus has helped hundreds of thousands of renters build their credit, increase their financial education, and manage their money more successfully. Here are some of the perks of being a RentPlus subscriber:

RentPlus Credit:

With RentPlus, you simply pay your rent on time. RentPlus will work with your property owner or landlord to report your rental payment to select credit bureaus. Credit bureaus will record your monthly rental payments on your credit report. Paying your monthly rent on time will begin to build your credit profile. You may even qualify to have 24 months of previous on-time payments reported. 

RentPlus Money:

RentPlus Money is an empowering personal, financial management tool that allows you to organize, track and control your money. Users can aggregate all their accounts in one place, view income and spending by category, create a powerful budget, as well as set meaningful and attainable financial goals. RentPlus has helped thousands of renters build their credit, become better educated in financial matters, and manage their money more successfully.


RentPlus is committed to helping our customers to become financially strong, financially smart, and financially prepared.  We have found that when we talk to people about how RentPlus can improve their credit score, that many people don’t fully understand their credit score or what goes into calculating this score. FinStrong is a financial education program that will walk you through the details of saving, budgeting, investing and how your credit score works. The program is founded on research-based financial principles, designed to help you identify what you value most.  From there you will be guided through time-proven personal financial principles that will help you make financial decisions tailored to your values. You will also learn your FinStrong score by taking a self-assessment. 

Credit Monitoring:

By enrolling in RentPlus Credit Monitoring, you will have access to tools that help avoid identity theft and resources to recover quickly in an event that your identity is stolen or misused. One million dollar identity recovery guarantee, credit monitoring, and fraud protection with real-time alerts are all included in this identity restoration and recovery service.  

If you are interested in signing up, talk to your leasing office and start enjoying all the great benefits of being a RentPlus member.


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