Money Hacks (Part 6)

Money Hacks (Part 6)

We’ve put together another great list of money hacks to help you make the most out of your budget.

1) Host a game night instead of going out

Host a game night at your place. Share snacks and have fun playing games. How much could you save by staying in?

2) Use public transportation

Use public transportation if it’s available near you. How much could you save on gas and parking? It will also save your car from wear and tear.

3) Sign up for credit monitoring

Did you know RentPlus offers this free service to subscribers? Sign up for RentPlus and feel confident that your identity is protected.

4) Shop at the dollar store

Shop at your local dollar store. Here are 10 items to save you the most from the dollar store: office supplies, greeting cards, gift bags, pet supplies, medicine, kitchen gadgets, toothpaste, party supplies, holiday favors, cleaning supplies. How much could you save by shopping at the dollar store for these items? 

5) Create a visual reminder of your debt

Keeping an updated reminder of your debt will help motivate you on your way to being debt free. Tip: RentPlus Money has a tool for this.

6) Sign up for text message rent reminders

Avoid late fees and harming your credit score by never having a late payment again. This text service is free to RentPlus subscribers.

7) Cancel unused memberships

Do you have a gym or other club membership that you aren’t using? Cancel it. You can renew later on if you decide to use it more. How much could you save a month? 

8) Get into a meal prep routine

Having a plan will mean less eating out. How much time and money could you save by prepping meals? You can also plan to eat healthier by having a plan and sticking to it. 

9) Have good communication with your partner

Communicate. Having the same financial goals will help you work as a team to reach your goals and pay off debt. 

10) Use the 30 day rule

If you have an impulse to buy something you don’t absolutely need, wait 30 days. Often times the urge to buy it will be gone. If not, buy it knowing you were thoughtful about your purchase. 

Following these money hacks can help make the most out of your budget. What are some other ways you can save money? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your money hacks. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more upcoming money hacks. 


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