RentPlus Tools & Resources

Discover RentPlus, which not only boosts your credit using your on-time rent payments but also offers a range of financial resources and tools at no extra expense. Check out our apartment credit-building programs now.


We’re all Saving Up For Something

Discover our apartment credit-building programs with various helpful tools. Use the RentPlus budgeting tool and MoneyPlus to track your expenses and classify your purchases, ultimately reaching your financial goals. With MoneyPlus, you can get real-time insight into where your money is going and how to save more.  


FinStrong Financial Education

Helping you build a better financial future

Discover financial success with FinStrong, the fully customizable education program. Our online tool is world-class, helping you learn foundational financial principles, gain knowledge about money management, and achieve successful savings. Take advantage now and master your finances!

Give us for more information and ask about the other resources in our credit building programs for renters and multifamily.

Credit Protection

RentPlus Has Your Back

RentPlus offers two valuable services to safeguard your financial future. Firstly, we provide fraud alerts to ensure your security. Secondly, when you sign up for our RentPlus credit building programs for renters and multifamily, you also receive free real-time credit monitoring. Our monitoring comes with a $1,000,000 protection policy and step-by-step recovery services in case you fall victim to identity theft. With RentPlus, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back.